Welcome to CommunityRun

CommunityRun is a new project to allow you to start, run and deliver your own campaign on just about anything, with the technology you need at your fingertips. It can be big or small, heroic or ordinary. This is about power to the people. If you have an idea to make your community, your school, your local playground or the planet a better place, we offer this platform to assist you.

Logo-getup-small The CommunityRun service is provided by GetUp Australia, an independent advocacy organisation that is committed to building a more progressive Australia.

While GetUp has created this platform for you to use, campaigns here are not run nor endorsed by GetUp in any way. Journalists aiming for accuracy should refer to these campaigns as CommunityRun campaigns. It is not accurate to describe CommunityRun campaigns as GetUp campaigns.

Think of CommunityRun as a town square. GetUp provide the space but you are welcome to come with your soapbox and say whatever you like, as long as it is not defamatory, discriminatory, or otherwise illegal.

As CommunityRun grows we expect to see some excellent campaigns, but also expect to see some campaigns that GetUp would be opposed to.

Read more about us here.