To: Hon Mark Bailey - Minister for Main Roads, Road Safety & Ports and the Hon Dr Steven Miles - Minister for Environment, Heritage Protection, National Parks & the Great Barrier Reef

Save the iconic forest at the north end of Steve Irwin Way.

Save the iconic forest at the north end of Steve Irwin Way.

Please investigate alternative options for the Bruce Highway Upgrade Planning Study - Bruce Highway/Caloundra Road interchange.
Please do not realign Steve Irwin Way so that it goes through this forest.
This remnant forest must be preserved, by reinstating the South East Queensland Regional Forest Agreement put in place in 1998 to formally progress this forest to National Park, so the future of the animals and ancient trees within it are safe.

Why is this important?

The current proposal will clear at least 12ha and damage iconic remnant forest that contains koalas, ancient trees and already endangered animals.
This forest contains koala habitat, lowland subtropical rainforest (a nationally recognised critically endangered ecosystem),centuries old habitat trees and unique wetlands.
This forest is home to koalas, glossy black cockatoos, giant barred frogs, Richmond birdwing butterflies, Coxen fig parrots, Wallum froglets and other vulnerable declining frog and butterfly species.
If this project proceeds we will destroy forever an iconic Sunshine Coast natural treasure and put these ecosystems and species on a downward spiral to extinction.

How it will be delivered

We plan to deliver our petition directly to the Minister.
Let us know if you have any ideas for how we could deliver the petition to achieve the best outcome

Reasons for signing

  • there is no point destroying nature for a road that is not necessary. Once we destroy everything nice, nobody will want to visit this area anyway. With this sort of development happening all the time, the human race will destroy itself as well as everything else on the planet.
  • Biodiversity is our only chance to save all species, humans included. We all need air, food and water to survive !!! It's a no-brainer.
  • Having lived at Mooloolah for many years I think this beautiful forest should be defended vigorously. I hope the planners and politicians will understand that the preservation of this area is essential, for people in general and for the animals that live there.