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To: Tamworth Regional Council

Save King George V Avenue

The beautiful and culturally significant King George V Avenue is saved from proposed road widening and tree removal, thanks to a stellar campaign run by Tamworth locals. The NSW Minister for Heritage, Robyn Parker, travelled to Tamworth to officially announce King George V Avenue as listed on the NSW State Heritage Register.

Save King George V Avenue

Recognise the historical and cultural importance of King George V Avenue to the Tamworth community by:-
1. listing the 76 year old English oak tree avenue as a heritage item on the LEP (Local Environment Plan)
2. putting into practice the recommended procedures for the care and management of the trees
3. abandoning all proposals to remove any of the trees and the widening of the road.
4. using the alternative route for access to Calala and upgrading Calala Lane.

Why is this important?

These English oak trees were planted by the Community of Tamworth in 1936 as a memorial to their late king (King George V). The avenue is a wonderful example of the original intent of our forefathers, which was for it to meet overhead to form a cathedral like effect and to be a place of amenity for the town. It is a unique avenue having the longest continuous canopy of English oak trees in Australia and provides a beautiful shady and peaceful place for the community and visitors to enjoy. There are alternatives to the proposed access road that will result in the trees being removed for road widening and increased traffic flow. These alternatives will provide the much needed access to the proposed development and the surrounding area and allow the preservation of this amenity for the community.

How it will be delivered

Deliver them in person and stage a press conference


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