To: Moreton Bay Regional Council

Youngs Crossing Flood Immunity

Youngs Crossing Flood Immunity

The community, residents, ratepayers and your constituents call on Moreton Bay Regional Council to provide an appropriate solution for Youngs Crossing Road (creek crossing).

State Government will not fund a West Petrie Bypass, the State Government backs an East Petrie Bypass. An East Petrie Bypass would provide more benefits because of the significantly higher benefit/cost ratio, superior land use and community benefits, and less severe environmental impacts.

Why is this important?

Moreton Bay Regional Council needs to urgently improve Youngs Crossing to relieve the flood immunity. The 2012 report provided a $16M solution to elevate the burden on the community when there are water releases from the North Pine Dam and improve the alignment of the road. This is important to our community, your constituents, residents and ratepayers for the flow of traffic and elevation of congestion.

How it will be delivered

The petition will be deliverd to Moreton Bay Regional Council. However, Moreton Bay Regional Council object to receiving petitions in any form other than the one provided by MBRCouncil which only allows approx 10 signatures per page. This petition will be presented to Moreton Bay Regional Council.

Reasons for signing

  • Couldn't be bothered! :)
  • Making towns flood safe councils millions in the longterm


2015-05-14 18:05:54 +1000

ARUP, The Engineers report view 7.5. This report was paid for by you and I the MBRCouncil Ratepayers. For some reason the Councillor disregard this report.

2015-05-14 18:04:19 +1000

New Call For A Bridge Plan, Pine Rivers Press 14/5/2015

2015-05-14 17:31:10 +1000

Councillor Gillam and Dwyer on a fix for Youngs Crossing 2012, its a very different story today in Pine Rivers Press

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Bridge over flood prone Youngs Crossing

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Council called to Account

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