To: City of Sydney

Safer Streets - York Street Junction, Forest Lodge

Safer Streets - York Street Junction, Forest Lodge

To The City of Sydney.
Please implement pedestrian safety measures along this dangerous section of road at the western end of York St close to the junction of Ross St. For consideration should be a widening of the footpath and / or changing the speed limit to a 10km shared zone.

Why is this important?

This junction and section of road is a danger to pedestrians. It is within the Forest Lodge School 40km zone and used by many school children each day. The westernmost section of the roadway is very steep, and there are high walls which cause blind spots for turning vehicles. The existing footpath is too narrow to use and so everyone walks on the road. It is only a matter of time before someone is run over. A wider footpath would provide a pedestrian connection from the eastern section of York St through to Ross St, a distance of approximately 40-50m. A shared 10km 'high-activity'pedestrian zone would alert motorists to the needs of the local community and help address safety concerns.

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  • We need to improve pedestrian access to the school


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