To: the Prime Minister, NSW Premier, environment minister Tony Burke

Which part of "NO CSG" do you not understand, politicians??

Which part of "NO CSG" do you not understand, politicians??

Dear Politicians. The time for bandying words around passed long ago, I am afraid. The message from the communities around Australia is clear: Stop granting permits for ALL CSG mining and encourage investment into renewable energy resources before it is too late and we have poisoned the land for future generations and created the nightmare of a poisoned generation of Australians filling our already struggling hospitals.

Why is this important?

CSG mining has left thousands of sick people and poisoned land and water in its wake wherever it has been allowed. This has been proven time and time again, yet the message keeps getting covered up for the sake of a few quick dollars. The community has clearly stated that it is opposed to CSG (for example, recent local election in Lismore, NSW, voted 87+% against CSG). Destroying our land and water for a finite resource is extremely short-sighted and, to be really frank, appallingly stupid. Australia should be the leader in changing to renewable energy and this needs to happen today - not in 5 years or 10 years. It has been left too long already.
So - how can you answer the question "Which part of "NO CSG" do you not understand"?


Reasons for signing

  • We cannot survive without food and water but we can WAKEUP AUSTRALIA and STOP CSG, damaging our environment and water ways