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To: Bellingen Shire Council

We want to be Australia's first 100% organic town- So stop spraying round up bellingen shire council

We want to be Australia's first 100% organic town- So stop spraying round up bellingen shire council

We want Bellingen Shire Council to stop spraying all chemical herbicides and pesticides (roundup, verdict, wipeout) on our roadsides, public spaces (pools, ovals, playgrounds, parks, suburbs) and council reserves.

We want council to adopt a more holistic and sustainable approach to managing weeds in the shire, for the benefit of our environment, our waterways, our animals and our own health.

Why is this important?

Roundups active ingredient glyphosate has been scientifically linked to be toxic to humans, our animals, soils, earthworms, amphibians, our waterways and removes nitrogen from the soil. The real issue with using herbicides and pesticides in our shire is it ultimately creates more weeds and pests as it builds tolerance and immunity over time. This translates to the use of stronger formulations at higher applied rates over time...therefore more toxicity and longer half life in our soils and environments.

The increased health risks and health complications a s result of this herbicide are escalating at an alarming rate, as more and more research is being conducted into the impact and linkage of this toxin to our health and behaviours.

The use of these herbicides become part of the problem not the solution as it alters the environment substantially. Monsanto has now brought out a new improved double strength roundup; it lasts longer, kills more weeds and only requires one application per year rather then two. Translated this means higher levels of glyphosate in our environment and greater health risks to the user.

The use of these herbicides and pesticides are not providing a long term solution, they are simply providing a ‘band aid’ style approach which only escalates the cycle.

There are literally thousands of independent scientific articles available on the negative impact glyphosate has on both the environment, soils, waterways, plants, animals and humans.

We believe that we have found a comparable certified organic herbicide that is both safe and affective for council and our residents to use on their gardens and farms. The product is an Australian made pine derivative called Bioweed, its active on 3,00 species of weeds and broad leaf grasses.

We want to be the first Australian spray free town as we move towards being an organic growing town and a bee sanctuary.

We want Bellingen Shire to be a living model to other communities Australia wide on how to create and implement sound environmental policy which has a long term vision for our town for many generations to come.

Reasons for signing

  • Many weeds are also highly nutritious and medicinal plants! A paradigm shift needs to occur in the way we view these so called weeds.. They've been highly regarded by many cultures for hundreds of years. Pick up the Weed Forager's Handbook to learn more!
  • With today’s technology, particularly with controlled environments. We can avoid herbicides and pesticides. Advanced greenhouses and aquaponics are good way to go!
  • Because if Bellingen achieve this then there is hope that the rest of Australia will follow!


2014-04-16 19:23:39 +1000

We have only 7 days left before our rally and council meeting...we have the opportunity to change the way we do things here for the next generation. Lets not waste it. So please share this petition with everyone you know in our shire...Dorrigo, Urunga and Bellingen and join us for a peaceful rally outside council chambers at 8.30 am sharp.

2014-04-16 19:21:15 +1000

A meeting with council resulted in them disclosing their herbicide usage..where, when, how much and how often, however it didn't include the most used areas...our suburbs, parks, ovals, pools, public reserves.

When I questioned this I was told they didn’t think I wanted it. They use roundup and spray early in the morning ..out of mind out of sight.

Glyphosate has a 3 year half life in our soils. It has a residual that lasts long after the spraying has taken place. We ingest this through our lungs and through direct skin contact with the grass that has been sprayed.

There are safer and more holistic solutions...April 23rd is just around the corner. Lets make this count.

2014-04-04 21:02:45 +1100

A new study has found that a number of commonly used herbicides are far more dangerous to humans than we have been led to believe. The study undertaken by a team in France looked at nine pesticides, three fungicides, insecticides and herbicides, including two neonicotinoids and Roundup, the most frequently used pesticide worldwide.
There were nine chemicals tested in total

Three herbicides - Roundup GT+ (Glyphosate), Matin EL (Isoproturon) and Starane 200 (Fluroxypr (ester 1-methylheptyl)

The study compared the toxicity on human cells of the active ingredient to the overall product used by the consumer. They found that 8 out of 9 products were up to one thousand times more toxic than the approved active ingredients with Roundup being one of the most toxic.

2014-03-31 20:47:57 +1100

We are organising a peaceful rally on April 23rd outside Bellingen council chambers at 8.30-10am..I will be speaking at that council meeting and presenting a case on behalf of Bellingen and those that have signed the petition to ask council to re think their use of chemical based herbicides and use alternative and more appropriate methods of weed management.

So please spread the word and come and support this very important issue. Make up a sign, invite all your friends, families and neighbours to show our council how many of us are wanting a change in our community. I want the 6 councillors arriving for the monthly meeting to see a park filled with people standing for a different future.

Help us be a part of this.

2014-03-24 18:40:52 +1100

100 signatures reached

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