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To: City of Sydney Town Hall House 456 Kent Street Sydney NSW 2001

We want the Archway 1 Theatre Company & Arts Studio to stay in the Bicentennial Park Arches.!

We want the Archway 1 Theatre Company & Arts Studio to stay in the Bicentennial Park Arches.!

Dear Lord Mayor & CEO of The City of Sydney, We would like to demonstrate to the City of Sydney that the local community of Glebe, Forest Lodge, Blackwattle Bay, Annandale, Lilyfield and surrounding suburbs of residents and business owners, who actively frequent the Bicentennial & Federation Parklands, have expressed with utmost certainty their appreciation and need for our arts space to remain in our current location, as the intended commercial development being fast tracked in the area threatens our tenancy.

We would like to continue to remain in this location, as we have done for many years, to continue to service the community with our performing and visual arts, The Archway 1 Theatre Company and Coffee counter, as well as our Archetype Gallery. Our aim is for council to recognize and acknowledge, the community benefits and value that our arts and cultural incentive has for those local residents who frequent the park, as well as the wider community.

Why is this important?

The community have been incredibly supportive and very excited for the existence of a theatre space & arts studio under the Archways, in the Park lands. The Archway 1 Theatre Company and Art Studio have been inundated with offers from local residents to help, insisting that we remain in the same location and continue what we do, because it is a great concept that is much needed for the community park and we have a great track record of providing a service to our community, with FREE art classes for adults and children, FREE Drama classes, Poetry in the park, Free Dog portraits, Pancake breakfasts in addition to our art exhibitions and theatre plays.

The community have expressed to us directly that they feel our arts space and art studio fulfill a need for them. A well managed arts space that compliments the park and is accessible to the community.

The benefits of providing a space for parents and their children for example, who frequent that particular area of the park daily, due to its proximity to the children's playground, cannot be overlooked. Dog walkers alike, have found our initiative to be a welcomed addition to their daily enjoyment of the park. Cyclists have also expressed gratitude at the convenience of being able to literally pull up on their bikes and grab a coffee. For the culturally and artistically inclined, we offer something unique to the existing surrounding sporting fields and natural surrounds.

Our theatre productions have a local following, with supporters who have endorsed the merits in the work we do. We have been a part of the Sydney Fringe Festival two years in a row. We source many local actors, directors and crew to work on productions and we provide space for artist talks, film nights, rehearsals, exhibitions, fashion shows, photo and film shoots. Our arts space is an additional destination for light rail commuters, tourists or visitors to the area, as a place of interest along their inner west journey, alighting at the Jubilee Park Oval.

We are also considered a reassuring safe haven, for people exercising or walking dogs late at night in the park, as we are open late for theatre rehearsals or artist talks.

Supportive comments include;

"We have been waiting twenty years for this to happen!"
"Thank God you're here!"
"WOW, just WOW! This is amazing and reminds me of New York."
"I wish I knew you were here, when my kids were at school, they're all grown up now."
"I am so HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY and excited that you are here!" (82 year old local resident- Patty)
"It's about time you guys did this here!"
"OMG! This is exactly what I thought should be here."
"I normally never visit this part of the park, but now I do."
"This is awesome!"
"Hey, this is great! Reminds me of Europe."
"So glad you guys are here! We are going to come and see some theatre."
"Finally, good coffee!"
"I am going to tell all the mother and parent groups you guys are here."
"I'm going to mention you guys in the local school newsletter."
"I can't believe I can walk out my door and down to the park, to watch theatre and have a coffee."

How it will be delivered

We plan to email and hand deliver the signatures, photographs of supporters, video footage of supporters and the letters of support to the Lord Mayor of The City of Sydney and Councillors.

Reasons for signing

  • The Archway is a valuable community resource.
  • Art is a civil right.
  • I like to have community groups able to participate and provide something less mainstream such as the little theatre.


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