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To: Geelong Council and Vicroads

We want safe bike lanes for 'school central' in Geelong's west

We want safe bike lanes for 'school central' in Geelong's west

Create safe bike lanes on Minerva road, Church street and Vines road - these streets are critical to children riding to the eight schools in within three kilometres.

Why is this important?

Bike riding gets kids active, improves their health, and teach kids about the community. It also takes cars off the road, which reduces road maintenance costs to rate payers, reduces traffic stress, limits pollution and slows climate change.

How it will be delivered

We'll deliver the petition to Geelong Council at Council meeting and to Vicroads in Geelong.

Reasons for signing

  • Helps to link the Ted Wilson Trail to other suburbs, good for adults cyclists also.
  • Would be great and safer option for all the kids and mums & dads that ride with their children to school.
  • Need more bike lanes everywhere.


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