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To: Supanova Pop Culture Industries

We want Adam Baldwin to attend Supanova!!!

We want Adam Baldwin to attend Supanova!!!

Dear Daniel and Supanova Pop Culture Industries,

I would like to put forward a petition of all the people who would like to have Adam Baldwin attend Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Sydney & Perth June 2015 regardless of his previously hurtful actions.

Why is this important?

As a female gamer and a big fan of the Firefly series I feel that it would be a great disappointment to miss out on the chance to meet and greet Adam as I know that there are still many others who would like to have the chance to do so. I'm sure I speak for many people when I say that it's just not Firefly without Jayne. I have not taken any offence to his actions as I feel a lot of it has been blow up by the media. We all have a right to our opinions and we all have our own reasons for it. I feel that we are not inviting him to Supanova for his personal views but for the amazing work he has done in film and television. Please don't let us miss out on this chance!

Reasons for signing

  • Nobody has the right to try to ban Adam Baldwin from attending because of his opinions (and good opinions too), the same people trying to ban him would crack a fit if anyone tried to ban people they agree with from attending, yet they can’t see the hypocrisy. Our rights (and Adam's rights) do NOT end where your feelings begin, end of story.
  • As a queer person of colour, I am often offended by Adam's viewpoints. However, I do not believe moralistic censorship by people who would not be attending this event ANYWAY to be a step forward. Dialogue is the core component of changing people's minds- refusing to engage with someone you mildly dislike is the height of arrogance, and I'm sad to see so many people asking for Adam Baldwin to be banned from Supernova.
  • As a fan of Firefly, it would be nice to meet the hero of Canton, the man they call Jayne. As I've met almost all the crew. I agree that he was not invited for his personal views but because of his work.


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