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To: WA Leaders

We want 100% Renewable energy by 2030

We want 100% Renewable energy by 2030

I’m a GP from Shenton Park, in Perth. I have two sons, and honestly I worry about their future. I see the impacts climate change is having on the West, on patients and worst of all -- our leaders don’t seem to have a plan!

I live in a state with more sun than we know what to do with. It’s crazy that ahead of the election, neither of the major parties has an ambitious renewable energy target.

Why is this important?

So I’m calling on Premier Barnett and Mark McGowan to work towards 100% renewable energy for WA. We need to speak up before the election, while the pollies are busy trying to earn our votes. Will you join me?


Reasons for signing

  • This is vital for our childrens future :-)
  • The fossil fuel industry belongs in a musium with all the other fossils! We have the technology now for unlimited clean and cheap energy for all of us!!
  • For the next generation


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