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We need more paediatric rheumatologists in NSW!

We need more paediatric rheumatologists in NSW!

Draw your local MP attention to the lack of funding and support that Juvenile Arthritis receives in NSW. There are more than 6,000 children throughout NSW living with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA).

Why is this important?

Currently, in NSW there are just 2 paediatric rheumatologists to treat more than 7,000 children. With only 2 paediatric rheumatologists currently practising, we do not even have enough to be able to train new paediatric rheumatologists to care for the children of NSW and any training has to be done interstate or overseas.

There is not enough staff to be on call in hospitals and children with serious conditions are waiting long periods of time to see specialists. We live in the worst performing state in Australia in terms of the services available and we are falling well below international standards and standards of NSW Health.

Some forms of Juvenile Arthritis can have a mortality rate as high as 20%, which is as high in some cases of childhood leukaemia. What you may not know is that this condition can also cause blindness and other serious long term disabilities. Please help our most vulnerable children live full and healthy lives.

NSW urgently needs more paediatric rheumatologists and allied health professionals to provide children with arthritis the care they need. In some cases children with severe medical conditions can wait up to 18 months to see a specialist.

How it will be delivered

We are sending out letters to all of our members, as well as electronic campaigns asking our supporters to get behind our campaign and send a letter to their local MP. These letters will raise the issue of the lack of paediatric rheumatologists in NSW and the need for a minimum of 6-8 paediatric rheumatologists to care for children with arthritis in NSW.

Reasons for signing

  • More help for our children
  • Supporting a friend who has a daughter suffering from this <3
  • As my niece is suffering with juvenile arthritis


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