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To: ABC and SBS

We call on ABC and SBS to break the silence on the climate emergency

We call on ABC and SBS to break the silence on the climate emergency

Politicians tell us it would be political suicide for them to say we are in a climate emergency, even though they recognise that is the case. They will not propose the sensible measures we know are necessary for a safe future because they say they can't afford to “get ahead of public opinion”.

Mainstream media is equally silent about the climate emergency and the solutions we could easily implement if governments put their minds to it.

According to the dire predictions of our climate scientists, everyone’s welfare is now at stake. We are NOT on track for a safe climate even if the Paris Agreement is implemented. Yet large sections of the public are lulled into thinking it can't be all that bad since neither politicians nor the media are talking about it… and politicians won't dare take action until the public demands it. What a diabolical impasse!

ABC and SBS, as our public broadcasters, it's up to you now to break this impasse.

As part of your civic duty you issue warnings about weather, fires, floods and UV levels in your news bulletins. We ask you in a similar spirit to start broadcasting daily segments on climate impacts and climate solutions.

You would have no trouble finding climate impact stories. Every day there are severe climate impacts or reports of record temperatures somewhere in the world. The public needs to know what is already happening in order to be motivated to take action.

But to solve this problem, we also need to know what action is necessary and feel empowered to make a difference. Each day you could broadcast a short segment about what someone 'just like us' is doing to reduce carbon emissions. This would build a sense of working together towards a shared and urgent goal.

Another short segment could report on far-reaching measures various local, state, and national governments are taking to address the climate emergency so that we know what policies our own jurisdictions could adopt if enough of us demand it.

In a series of radio interviews – the Climate Emergency Radio Relay, we call it – we have talked with prominent Australians about how to achieve an effective climate emergency response. Their view is that Parliament cannot solve the climate emergency without public pressure, and for that we need a public that is informed of the threat and the potential solutions.

The ABC and SBS can make all the difference here. You have the ability to make the climate emergency part of everyday discourse. You could be the ones to make it politically possible for governments to take the necessary action to protect all people, species, and ecosystems.


Mik Aidt and Anthony Gleeson
The Sustainable Hour on 94.7 The Pulse

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We invite you to co-sign our letter to ABC and SBS by signing this petition, and please – this is important: leave a short comment of your own for the directors of the two broadcasters at the end of the signing-procedure.

After you've signed the petition, please also take a moment to share it with others.

Why is this important?

Politicians tell us they can't take climate emergency action to protect us all from climate impacts until the public demands it. Yet large sections of the public are lulled into thinking it can't be all that bad since neither politicians nor the media are reporting on climate impacts or discussing solutions.

Our public broadcasters, ABC and SBS, might be the only body that is sufficiently trusted and powerful to break this impasse by reporting honestly and regularly about climate impacts and climate solutions.

The public need to know about current and future impacts in order to be motivated to act, and need to know we have the solutions at our fingertips in order to take action themselves and demand government action instead of 'switching off'.

Join us in calling for honest and thorough climate emergency reporting from the ABC and SBS. And when you have signed this petition, please also consider signing the Climate Emergency Declaration and Mobilisation petition at

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Reasons for signing

  • We need to take urgent action to reduce emissions.
  • And I call on ABC and SBS to have a nightly state of the environment report
  • We need to break the silence not just on TV...


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