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We Call for a Senate Inquiry into the ABC

We Call for a Senate Inquiry into the ABC

The Independence of the ABC is Under Attack.

Internal and external influencers have compromised the independence of the ABC.

The electoral term up to and including the 2016 election has highlighted how the ABC has fallen foul of a concerted and long running effort to influence and compromise the independence of the public broadcaster.

We call for a Senate led interrogation of the appointment process followed in recent appointments to the ABC board, the appointment of Managing Director Michelle Guthrie and the political and commercial affiliations of board members, senior executives and commentators.

In addition we seek clarity and revelation on issues raised in relation to the suppression of opinion of ABC employees prior to and subsequent to the 2013 election.

The open and flagrant attack on the integrity of Tony Jones by Malcolm Turnbull during the QandA program and the unashamed support of the Coalition position during the election campaign must also be examined.

The people of Australia without reservation, must be able to depend on the public broadcaster

Why is this important?

The blatant bias of the ABC during the election campaign, the disturbing infiltration of former and current Murdoch employees to senior and influential positions within the ABC corporate family and the disillusionment of the public with the ABC has led us to believe the best course of action would be to petition Senators of the new parliament to conduct an inquiry into all aspects of the operation of the ABC.

Reasons for signing

  • There's really just one word to explain my reason for looking for and signing this today - Swisse!
  • To rid the ABC of News Ltd influences and to support the deaf and others to have access to news transcripts which they are unable to do now. Much as ABC do not show text for foreign speakers, only audio which the deaf cannot read or understand. Do what SBS do!
  • I have seen the ABC go from a relatively unbiassed organisation to being a mouthpiece for the govt.


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Part 2
In fact had this arisen during the election campaign Turnbull would probably have received a kick in his personal approval for calling a Royal Commission, it would have been necessary for him to work with the Labor Party as they were in caretaker mode, so the terrible decisions Turnbull has made in regard to the RC would probably not have occurred and could have assisted in the NT where the LNP did not win a lower house seat.

These are only my opinions, however I think the fact that people are seriously entertaining this theory goes to the heart of the problem our petition is seeking to address. Past actions and behaviour especially during the election campaign have made the public question the independence of our public broadcaster.

Please continue to support our campaign by inviting as many people as possible to sign.

Slow Burn

2016-08-02 12:32:37 +1000

This update comes in 2 parts due to space limitations
I received an email over the weekend about the allegations that Senior Management (Michelle Guthrie) had "held back" the story on the NT Children in Detention atrocity.

My response follows: To be honest I immediately had the exact same suspicion especially after the Nick Ross revelations in relation to senior management pressure for him to withhold his opinion and scrutiny of the NBN alternative being put forward by Malcolm Turnbull prior to the 2013 election.
I have seen the accusations on Twitter and circulating on Facebook, I have also seen denials by Hanna Caro-Meldrum the ABC reporter on the story.
I can only take at face value her assertions that they were given a scheduling date after the story was in the can and in all honesty apart from the radical right wing support base in the Territory this can only come as a fatal blow to the Liberal Country Party in the NT in regard to the forthcoming Territory election.

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1,000 signatures reached

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Friends today we secured over 500 hundred additional signatures, thank you for signing and supporting our call for a Senate Inquiry into the ABC. I hope you will pass the link on to your friends and followers we need all the help we can get to reach a representative number great enough to influence Senators to support our petition.

In an extraordinary predictive blast from the past the following link will take you to the 2001 Stuart Littlemore discussion piece which gives us a chilling insight into the damage that would be wrought by the IPA, Murdoch and the conservative arm of politics on the ABC.

Slow Burn

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500 signatures reached

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100 signatures reached

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