To: Visionaries at all levels who believe there is a different way to be 'educated' or 'grown up'

Walking out of Industrial Education and onto Flow Education at SevGen

Join the FEvolution (fast evolution) by supporting the development of SevGen: A loving, living, laughing, listening and learning place.

Why is this important?

"How was school son?" (early years)
"Mum have you ever felt like you could unzip yourself and the real you would step out"
This was the walk home from school conversation that has been at the bottom of my 'why' I have been tracking along to SevGen. SevGen is short for Seven Generations and is the thinking that all our deliberations should consider seven generations into the future.
It has taken a long time but, there is a time for everything. Like prominent futures education thinker Sir Ken Robinson who says that "schools are killing creativity in our kids", I believe that holistically our children are going backwards with current education offerings and that the time is NOW to do something about it. Hence the education FEvolution that is happening at SevGen with a visionary bunch of FLOW educators.

How it will be delivered

We are getting the ambition out there with a media release as well as holding a prototype on the 26th - 28th October in the Sunshine Coast / Cooloola Region. We are calling this a 'SevGen Fractal'. Intrigued enough to join the FEvolution contact SevGen founder Terri at [email protected] and visit the website