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To: Vodaphone

Vodafone coverage at Wentworth Point

Please improve the coverage at Wentworth Point. Currently coverage is barely adequate in some areas, and very poor most areas.

Why is this important?

Vodafone customers are unable to make/receive calls and access the internet using their Vodafone devices. We are paying for this service, and not receiving it!

Reasons for signing

  • Bloody poor reception at Wentworth Point. Please improve it.
  • The signal in my apartment is either barely one bar or none. One bar I literally need to go to my balcony in order to receive one bar. Other rooms in the apartment simply does not have any signal. It went SOS first thing I enter my apartment
  • It has become worst from bad. Now we cannot get signal inside our home at all


2020-02-17 16:20:34 +1100

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