To: Minister Burke, The Prime Minister

Urge Minister Burke to introduce legislation to ban sale, possession and consumption of Sharks Fin

Dear Minister Burke
Shark finning is a cruel industry which has devastating effects on shark populations and ocean eco systems around the world.
Millions of sharks have their fins cut off whilst still alive and their bodies are dumped back into the ocean. The demand for shark fins and shark fin soup are the primary causes of shark population decline and many species are already endangered.
I am aware that it is illegal in Australia to remove the fins of sharks at sea, but shark fishing remains an unethical industry and illegal shark finning occurs in Australian territorial waters due to the law being difficult to police.
The only effective way to protect sharks from cruelty and extinction and save the reef systems which sharks manage is to ban the sale, possession, and consumption of shark fins in Australia. I therefore urge you to introduce legislation to this effect urgently.

Why is this important?

Sharks are vital to the Oceans delicate balance. As the apex predator they control everything below them in the food chain, including fish that feed on Plankton, which provides the world with the oxygen we need to breath.

Sharks are found to be high in Mercury and when consumed put the consumer at risk of mercury poisoning. Further more the consumption and demand of the sharks fin has left many species facing extinction and many more endangered. With a 90% decrease in shark numbers in the last 30 years ... This species that has survived 400 MILLION YEARS needs our help.

Reasons for signing

  • Common sense.
  • to save the sharkes
  • This is a really disgusting practice.