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To: The current Planning Minister, Speaker, Members of the Legislative Assembly, and candidates

Upgrade Dickson shopping centre in accordance with the Dickson Master Plan 2011 and 2016-17

Upgrade Dickson shopping centre in accordance with the Dickson Master Plan 2011 and 2016-17

Dear Madam/Sir, recent reconsideration of the Coles-DOMA proposal reversed the planning and land authority's earlier refusal and ignored two petitions to the Assembly to require an impact assessment. We call on current and future members of the Assembly to commit to: upgrade the Dickson shopping centre in accordance with the Dickson Master Plan; review and update the master plan to cover Dickson Parklands Section 72 with statutory effect; allocate sufficient funding to a Centre management body to improve the safety, lighting, paving, signage, pedestrian and cycle infrastructure; and provide adequate and convenient multi-storey car parking to support the existing local businesses and enhance the community/recreation precinct during the transitional redevelopment phase that lies ahead.

Why is this important?

Dickson group centre is the main northern gateway to the national capital and serves an unusually large population catchment, providing important health, library, postal, banking, public transport, retail, recreation, restaurants and a wide range of other commercial services to the whole of North Canberra and many parts of the ACT/NSW sub-region. The centre is in urgent need of maintenance, shoppers are regularly experiencing harassment, and local businesses will face extremely difficult trading conditions once the centre's major carpark is fenced off. Now is the time to ensure that appropriate steps are taken to deliver the quality and integration of facilities that the Dickson Master Plan promised.

Reasons for signing

  • If they block of one of the largest car parks in Dickson for years while building occurs, it will destroy the little shops in Dickson while the extension happens. Many people walk or ride to Dickson shops, just as many drop in on the way home in the car.


2016-08-26 10:12:35 +1000

You might be interested to know that 22 out of the 34 people who clicked and read this signed it (65%), and the post was seen by 1079 people in under 2 days at a cost of $5. The wording is always important to get right, so if you have any changes you'd suggest before I finalise the text please send those through so we can turn this into a proper campaign in time for the ACT's electioneering period and push candidates to sign on. Keeping it simple and to the point so it has the broadest possible appeal is the idea. Thanks very much for helping!! Cheers, Jane Goffman

2016-08-24 21:31:56 +1000

10 signatures reached