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Put the UNIVERSAL INCOME model that has been trialled and working in other countries on the political agenda.
Australians need a new and better system that doesn't demonize the UNEMPLOYED.
We need a system that actually encourages self sufficiently, entrepreneurial endeavour and at the same time gets rid of the hugely expensive CENTRELINK BROKEN SYSTEM.

Why is this important?

The current system makes victims of the poor, the unemployed, the disabled and the aged.
The current taxpayer subsidized safety net is inadequate and expensive to administer.
The casualisation of the workforce and global trade agreements are draining our country of viable full time jobs.
The high rate of drug use, suicide, depression, mental illness, homelessness is hugely compounded by the lack of meaningful, full time occupation particularly for young adult males.
Many countries have trialled the universal income and the benefits are documented and real.

Reasons for signing

  • It is more effective use of money for productive and creative self-starters to move to a basic income and for all the funds, used on Newstart administration which only demoralises everyone involved, to be converted to said basic income.
  • Sounds good to me. An improving edit would add an example/s of where its been tried and the results.


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