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To: The Australian Government

TPP: Release the Draft AND Australia's Position

TPP: Release the Draft AND Australia's Position

If implemented the Trans Pacific Partnership can affect this and all future generations of Australians. Government should only act on the authority of its people. While the TPP is being negotiated in secret government cannot be seen or said to act by the will of the people. WE DEMAND THAT THE FULL TEXT AND AUSTRALIA'S NEGOTIATING POSITION BE PUBLICLY DISCLOSED. If government chooses to continue the process in secret they do not do so in my name

Why is this important?

The Trans Pacific Partnership may have a wide range of permanent and detrimental impacts for Australian people. The people deserve to be informed and consulted before their rights are arbitrarily signed away

Reasons for signing

  • We, the people of Australia have the right to scrutinise potential decisions made in our name.
  • We need to stop this.
  • I demand transparency on this very important and ,frankly, unnerving issue.


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