To: The Governor General of Australia, The Prime Minister of Australia, The Justice System,Sentencing Judges.... Everyone!

Tougher Sentences For Violent Crimes

This campaign has ended.

Dear Minister,
We, the people of Australia, have had enough of the lenient sentences dealt out to perpetrators of violent crimes such as murder, rape and other sexual assaults, violent and often fatal assaults rendering victims and their families broken physically and mentally. The sentences of these heinous crimes do not match the consequences they have on the victims, families, and society as a whole. A life sentences should mean exactly in prison. NO parole. NO early release for "good" behaviour - being "good" now does not make up for your actions and your sentence must be served in whole.
The justice system should be representing what society feels is appropriate, and a very strong message needs to be sent out that the justice system is falling well short of what is required.

Why is this important?

Australia wants justice, not a slap on the wrist. Australia is feed up of the punishments not fitting the crime. A strong message needs to be sent out that there are consequences for violent actions.

Reasons for signing

  • i hate people
  • Simething needs to be done our justice system is a joke
  • I signed because victims of violent crimes deserve justice.