To: Hon Mark McGowan and Rita Saffioti

West Australians need a safer cycling environment

West Australians need a safer cycling environment

Dear Premier McGowan and Minister Saffioti,

We want to ensure that all people riding bikes in Western Australia get home safe and sound. No one should have to pay the ultimate toll to use the roads in WA.

We encourage your government to adopt the principles of education, infrastructure and enforcement in relation to cycling. As there will always be areas where cycling infrastructure is difficult to build, the Minimum Passing Distance Law (MPDL) needs to be adopted as a immediate priority. Community education is also vital to ensure widespread acceptance and abidance.

Please make it a priority to support the introduction of MPDL to bring Western Australia in line with the majority of other states and territories, and honour your election commitments on cycling safety.

All bike riders have someone that loves them and wants them home safely.

Why is this important?

The former Western Australian Government refused to support Minimum Passing Distance Laws (MPDL). This lets everyone down, as a dangerous road environment stops people from riding even short distances, leading to more congestion and its associated public health costs.

The current road rules fail to adequately prosecute dangerous drivers. It is clear that lax penalties handed out to motorists that have killed or seriously injured vulnerable road users is a travesty. We insist that the Government respect the memories of the victims and the families left behind after every cycling fatality by ensuring that their loved ones did not die in vain by introducing the MPDL forthwith.

The Western Australian Government says that it wants to encourage cycling. Please help us to encourage the Government to support their pre-election commitments with concrete enforcement through legislation that demonstrates that bike riders are equally deserving of protection in the eyes of the law.

Please join us by signing this petition, sharing with your friends and accompanying us to the WA state parliament in March to deliver the signatures.

How it will be delivered

The petition will be delivered to the Western Australian Government on Thu 23 March by a delegation from Australian Cycle Alliance and other WA organisations.

Reasons for signing

  • Lycra cyclists need to pull their heads in, and we need to get rid of the two a Brest while on public roads rule removed just not practical any more.
  • Cyclists are vulnerable road users, co-existing with multi-ton metal vehicles travelling at up to 80khm speed differential. It is a scary environment.
  • The roads in WA are a scary place for vehicles let alone cyclists - it astounds me how people behave towards cyclists. Why would you want to deliberately hurt someone? It's disgusting


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