To: Channel Nine, The Hon Daniel Andrews, Premier of Victoria

The Block can Save The Gatwick for Social Housing

The Gatwick Hotel in St Kilda, a long-time private hotel, accommodated generations of people seeking low cost housing. It is being renovated in the next season of the Channel 9 reality TV series The Block. The show should go ahead and renovate the Gatwick but the final outcome should be to provide quality low cost housing for the residents who have always used this accommodation. The Gatwick project could entertain as always and at the same time become a flagship social enterprise that could provide massive benefits to the community not just profits for developers.
By changing the direction of the show to a reimagined Gatwick the producers, in partnership with the Victorian State Government and community housing organisations, could:
• Raise awareness of homelessness and the vital role that housing plays in supporting and transforming the lives of the more vulnerable members of our society
• Demonstrate that low cost housing can also provide quality and innovation in sustainable design
• Include potential residents in the competition thus improving their sense of self-worth, mental health outcomes and employability
• Demonstrating excellence in corporate social responsibility

Why is this important?

The Gatwick has provided a home for those in need of shelter and safety for decades. Keeping this housing stock for low income people would:
• Contribute to the maintenance of cultural diversity in St Kilda
• Mean less displacement of low income and marginalised people from the communities that they know and understand
• Provide stable housing which in turn would provide a belief in self and hope for the future for the people housed, leaving them with an improved ability to leverage opportunities including:
* gain work in their local community (even on The Block!)
* improve physical and mental health outcomes
* allow possible pathways to education and job readiness
* provide opportunities for increased social interaction in the home environment and the community
* improving their sense of safety and community belonging
* enabling the renewal of relationships that have been severed with family and friends
* providing access to ongoing support services

Reasons for signing

  • Gentrification is making StKilda sterile. Every urban suburb that has cheap accommodation for artists and musicians becomes interesting as the culture enriches and draws people in. The artists and musicians are forced out when property prices go up. Where is the recompense for the creative people that enable this enrichment?


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