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To: Charles Sturt Council

Tennyson Dunes - Revegetate not decimate

Tennyson Dunes - Revegetate not decimate

Charles Sturt Council
Divert the Bike path
Please Divert the bike path down Seaview Rd from Grange and rejoining the coast path at Mordun st. It's the narrowest point in the dunes along that section probably not much more than 3m wide at some points before you are actually in the back of the dunes and should be left undistirbed. With the severe weather this year those dunes have lost 2-3m of sand on the seaward side. Washed away. . Construct a Eco friendly Pedestrian only walking path from Grange along the existing dirt path and revegitate the dunes along that path. Including Information about the dunes, it's Indigenous history, local fauna and flora making it a botanical walking path entering Tennyson Res. on it southern side. Instead of putting useless turf on Tennyson res. Turn it into a native costal garden. With the local plants. Couple of wandering paths that lead you into Mordun Res. also include information signs about the dunes, plants , flora and fauna, it's Indigenous history and the development of the local area. Turn it into a education show piece all the way from Grange to Mordun St. Lets turn some that right now is a piece of coal that no one wants int a diamond that protects, promotes and provides access to the coast line...TENNYSON DUNES BOTANICAL WALKING TRAIL.

Why is this important?

The Tennyson sand dunes are the most significant remnant dune system remaining on the Adelaide metropolitan coast. There is a narrow strip between Grange and Mordun St Tennyson and the Charles Sturt Council want to construct a 3.5m wide shared bike path through it, Ripping out the native pants in favour of concrete and disturbing the structure of this section of the dunes

How it will be delivered

emailed to Charles Sturt

Reasons for signing

  • it is beautiful and natural
  • this area should be protected - restore not destroy ( i dont own any property but i am a resident )


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