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To: Fiona Martin MP

Reid wants a Clean Recovery now!

2020 has been a rough year for Australians. Deadly bushfires cloaked Sydney in smoke over Summer and now a global pandemic has left one in four Australians without reliable work. In our electorate of Reid, almost 7,800 people are on JobSeeker.

But if we work together to get the recovery right, we have a bright future ahead.

Australia can be a clean energy superpower, proudly exporting energy from our wind, waves and sun. We can power our businesses and homes with solar, make our houses more affordable and energy efficient, and restore the natural landscapes we love.

A Clean Recovery can create tens of thousands of jobs, make life more affordable and nurture a safe climate for years to come. And the best news? We can start now.

We’re asking the Morrison Government to:

- Make Australia a clean energy superpower
- Repower businesses and households with solar
- Upgrade public buildings and homes to be more efficient
- Create jobs in landscape management and rehabilitation
- Charge Australia’s electric vehicle future.

Why is this important?

The plan will make energy cleaner and cheaper, and create more jobs than dangerous fossil fuel industries.

To make it a reality, we need widespread support from key politicians and community members across the country.

Will you join the call for clean, affordable energy and climate-friendly jobs?

Click this link to read more about what a Clean Recovery could look like in your area and share the plan with friends and family:

72 Burwood Rd, Burwood NSW 2134, Australia

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Reasons for signing

  • Ms Martin, you have profiled yourself as being for climate change initiatives. This is your chance to demonstrate this.
  • The energy plan is plain old crazy. Renewables are the answer. Stop supporting fossil fuel companies.
  • I care about a sustainable future. Pretending climate change isn’t a big problem and carrying on the way we are is madness. By going sustainable, we stop needing to transport quite as much as we do!


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