To: The Honourable Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives

Our Resources, Our Wealth - increase the mining tax to 40%.

Our Resources, Our Wealth - increase the mining tax to 40%.

We ask the House of Representatives to represent the interests of the vast majority of the people by implementing the original Resource Super Profits Tax of at least 40% of forecast profits so that an estimated $100 billion can be spent on the needs of the Australian people over the next decade – in particular, education, health care, community services, public transport and for developing environmentally sustainable agriculture and manufacturing industries and jobs.

Why is this important?

Australia is a country rich in natural resources. These resources belong to the people; they are national assets that need to be used for the benefit of all Australians.

Presently, the wealth derived from our natural resources is being taken out of Australia by mainly foreign mining corporations – alarmingly, the Australian mining industry is 83% foreign owned.

In the next five years, foreign investors will take about $265 billion from Australia's mineral resources. On top of this, the multinationals get away with paying minimum taxes whilst ordinary people's taxes (PAYG) make up most of the government revenue.

We believe the Australian people have a sovereign right to the wealth created from our country's resources and ask you to support our petition for a Super Profits Tax that allows our resource wealth to be invested into services for the Australian people, not into the bank accounts of super-rich local and overseas investors.

How it will be delivered

Upon reaching 20,000 signatures, we will deliver the petition to the House of Representatives in person with a group of our supporters. We will invite the media to cover the delivery of the petition.

Reasons for signing

  • If those in government can compulsorily acquire farms and Aboriginal land for CSG and dirty mines, they should instead compulsorily RE-acquire banking, essential and major services, so that the massive profits going into offshore bank accounts are instead returned to public coffers. We have too many greedy and incompetent snouts in the trough. We need Elders and visionaries in government, not superioristic narcissists and private school brats. Penal-Capitalism is NOT Democracy.
  • Mining companies already receive millions worth in subsidies and tax incentives- it is only fair they pay their fair share to the economy.
  • BUT LEAVE MOST OF IT IN THE GROUND - adn No New Mines. Puleeeeze