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To: Maitland City Council

Tackle Domestic Violence in the Maitland LGA

Tackle Domestic Violence in the Maitland LGA

1.Make a statement that Maitland City Council will not accept domestic violence in our LGA and that it is never OK
2. Commit to work in meaningful partnership with the local specialist domestic violence service, Carrie's Place Inc. to bring about cultural change in the LGA

Why is this important?

The rates of domestic violence in the Maitland LGA are higher than many areas in the state. The NSW Bureau of crime figures show unacceptable increases over recent years.
Domestic violence is a whole of community issue. It affects people from all walks of life and all cultures.
We cannot say we have a safe, progressive, and prosperous LGA with 1 woman in 4 experiencing domestic violence, and 1 child in 3 is living with the trauma of domestic violence
Carrie's Place has tried intensively for the last year to engage with Maitland City Council on this issue. They have met 1 roadblock after another. They have received patronising disrespectful responses by the Mayor, and openly oppositional responses by the Council Administration. The Council's behaviour has smacked of serious paternalism and misogyny.
We need strong and committed leadership on this issue if we are to change the culture that either condones or at best, turns a "blind eye" to this issue. The Maitland City Council is the structural leadership in this LGA. Without their strong support and commitment to tackling the high rates of domestic violence, this scourge of our community will continue unabated.

Reasons for signing

  • We need to spread the message loud and clear that Domestic violence is not acceptable on any level! And no person should believe that they deserve to be treated that way!
  • The DV cycle is a horrible place to live. Some people get sooo used to it they don't recognise how far in they actually are. It is hard to get out.
  • Because violence of ANY sort is UNACCEPTABLE!!!! Especially against women and children..


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