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To: Woollahra Council

Support Youth facility at Rushcutters Bay

Support Youth facility at Rushcutters Bay

Dear Mayor,

The kids and families of Paddington and Woollahra urge you to support the provision of the proposed youth facility in Rushcutters Bay

Why is this important?

This is a carefully thought out and well researched proposal, the result of 4 years of consultations and campaigning by the local youth community and their parents.

The facility is aimed at 5-14 year olds and would be located in an under-utilised section of “no man’s land” within the park hemmed in by the canal, a line of trees and the outdoor gym. The park is very large — over 5.3ha — and the proposed concept would impact less than 2 per cent of this space. The proposal includes a basketball court, ping pong tables and new seating which would be used by younger children as well. The new facility will complement existing recreational activities.

Currently there is no local place in Paddington or Woollahra where the children of this age group are encouraged to play outdoors, ie; to skateboard, cycle, chat in groups, climb trees, build cubbies or play handball or basketball. The population of children in the inner city has dramatically increased in the last 10 years and yet the presence of children in their local urban context is largely ignored by the planners and the adult community.
In Paddington, all of the children live either in terrace houses with tiny courtyards or in units with no outdoor space, they are not allowed (by the schools) to play in the school grounds after hours, they are not supposed to play in the streets because it is considered dangerous. There are no parks in the area that cater for this age group. So the skaterkids are a marginalised and disengaged group within our community that do already play in the street because there is nowhere else to go.
This youth facility will provide these much needed facilities for the Woollahra Paddington Community, in particular for an under represented and rapidly expanding population of 8-14 year olds.

Reasons for signing

  • I signed this petition because i believe that we need a skatepark
  • skate or die
  • Me and my mates are always having to walk to the basketball courts far away but at rush cutter we will be able to walk in a quick time to there


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