To: Minister For Social Services, The Hon. Christian Porter

Support Urgently Needed Services For Men

Support Urgently Needed Services For Men

Every day, Australian men are forced into situations that often render them paralysed with overwhelm as they are trying to deal with family and relationship matters, particularly in relation to separation, child support and family court.

These men frequently reach the point of desperation and often become suicidal. They do not need a help line as much as they need practical hands on support to help them through the processes they must follow.

While Australia provides a culture of support and nurturing for women based on how women act, think and respond, it ignores the vastly different way men behave and the needs they have. This situation is often causing catastrophic outcomes.

Every week and average of 36 men will suicide in Australia. The average age is 44 years and the primary issue recognised is relationship breakdown - yet we do nothing to support them in this process.

Australian men need services that provide practical and hands on help in preparing documents, understanding their parental rights and negotiating access to their children. They need mentoring and support through court processes. They also often need housing support, or help to find it. Sometimes, they just need a person at the end of a chat line to know that someone else cares - someone who get's it.

Why is this important?

I currently support men on a daily basis, often 16-18 hours a day and entirely unfunded. There is not one cent to be found for support services for men which fits their needs while navigating relationship breakdown and the family separation process that befalls them.

If we want better outcomes for Australian children, we need strong, resilient men who have readjusted to the new situation they have found themselves in. Currently, they are routinely so battered and bruised by a process that is systematically destroying them, that they give up hope and walk away - or worse.

Australia must care for it's men and fathers so they can be present to help raise healthy and well adjusted children. We must care for them so they can move on with their lives into new healthier relationships. Failure to do this sees them falling victim to the mentality of our government, which routinely ignores the important role of men and fathers in Australian society.

Reasons for signing

  • Signing because this is an issue causing divide in australian society. Men and boys are not of less worth than women when it comes to the compassion and empathy of society.
  • I'm a survivor of both familial and partner abuse and violence. There was no help when I needed to protect myself or my sons.
  • Discrimination against men by way of withholding support/services is not OK. Feminists have sought a monopoly on public compassion and financial support, and fight against moves to recognise the needs of men/boys. We need politicians with the courage and foresight to say Stop! Enough! and push for fairness and true gender equality.


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