To: The Honourable Barry O'Farrell, MLA, Premier of NSW

Support Sydney's South East Light Rail

This campaign has ended.

Support Sydney's South East Light Rail

We the undersigned support the proposed route of the South East Light Rail from Circular Quay to Randwick.

This is a transformational project that will benefit all of Sydney by providing a modern high-capacity transit connection to University of NSW, the Randwick medical precinct and major event venues. This route will provide an important service for residents and businesses not just in Surry Hills but throughout the south-eastern suburbs.

Global experience has shown that light rail not only reduces traffic congestion but, properly-designed, is wholly compatible with village-style streets and parkland. The proposed route, including Devonshire Street, is by far the best in balancing directness, passenger amenity, connectivity, and cost.

Why is this important?

Sydney is on the verge of a light rail renaissance and light rail through Surry Hills to UNSW is a litmus test for the political viability of light rail in Sydney in general.

Unfortunately anti public transport forces are cynically generating a fear campaign to oppose the Devonshire Street route.

Powerful forces within the NSW Government and the Opposition, and pro-motorway lobby groups, continue to oppose any extension of light rail and the CBD - Kensington light rail route in particular. Nick Greiner's Infrastructure NSW, for example, proposed CBD bus tunnels in an attempt to block light rail in George Street.

A small number of residents who will be displaced are understandably angry, because planning consultation was mishandled by Transport for NSW. They should be given adequate compensation for the impact on their lives, but it must be recognised that some displacement for such an important public transport project is inevitable and resumption for light rail will always have a tiny fraction of the impact of the alternative motorway projects.

Around the world, hundreds of cities have turned to light rail precisely because it is completely compatible with residential neighbourhoods, heritage precincts, and parkland. The web abounds with information about, and video and still images of these systems. Here a just a few from YouTube:

And see: Sydney's Light Rail Future

Reasons for signing

  • Light rail is 21st Century transport. Can't wait for the Paramatta Road branch line :)! Bring it on.
  • Light rail support is capable of moving large numbers of people quickly and efficiently this will alleviate congestion.
  • A much more efficient system for moving people, not only to Randwick area, but also to Moore Park sporting events. Take all those buses off the road.