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Support Rail Explorers Byron

Support Rail Explorers Byron

Please give your support to Rail Explorers Byron's proposal to bring pedal powered 'rail bikes' to the 13km of rail track between Bangalow and Byron Bay.

Why is this important?

1. Access for all. Everyone can ride the rail bikes - the elderly, families with young children and the disabled. This means that everyone can enjoy the spectacular views and beautiful scenery between Bangalow and Byron Bay.
2. Employment. Rail Explorers will create approx 22 full time jobs from day one, with many more jobs available in the future.
3. Social Enterprise. Rail Explorers is committed to donating up to 20% of profits back to the local community.
4. Economic and Environmental Sustainability. Rail Explorers will generate revenue through ticket sales. This revenue will help to fund the maintenance of the Northern Rivers Rail Trail. Rail Explorers will utilise the existing rail infrastructure, with very minimal environmental impact.
5. Preserve the rails. Rail Explorers will clear, repair and maintain the 13km of track between Bangalow and Byron Bay. If in the future it becomes feasible to re-introduce public transport on the corridor, the tracks will be still in place.
6. A Fun and Unique Activity. Rail bikes are extremely popular in South Korea, Europe and North America. Rail Explorers Byron will bring this fantastic attraction to Byron Bay.
7. Rail Trail beside the tracks. Rail Explorers is looking into the feasibility of building the bike and walking trail beside the tracks.

Reasons for signing

  • I belive any attempts to re-open this railway line or sections of it are great ones (with the exeption of the rail trail) This railway line will be invaluable to the region in the next 10 or so years as the roads will continue to get congested!
  • Built my own Railbike
  • save the tracks!


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