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To: Voters around the world and the children who'll suffer if science is not debated.

Support Science Debates for all Major Politicians Running for Office

First of all sign the petition of the American, which is asking that all presidential candidates attend a live debate solely on science issues. In the past has succeeded in getting Obama and McCain and Obama and Romney to answer 14 Science Questions on environment, research, science education, ocean health, and many other big issues that will determine your children's future. When published, their answers reached close to a billion people. All you need do is sign the petition at . What happens in America affects the world.

SECONDLY... sign this international petition and consider starting a Science Debate proposal for your politicians. In Australia, there are many unique science/environment challenges as well as those shared by the rest of the world, climate change, ocean health, stem cell research, GMOs, nuclear energy, pollution, how much to spend on scientific research and science education, and the affect these have on the economy and the pride of the nation. And so on.

Why is this important?

Science affects everything but most politicians manage to avoid talking about it because a lot of science and scientific research has to do with consequences beyond the limited terms of politicians. In other words, if they can get away with not talking about something in order to get elected, they'll happily throw your children under the bus.