To: Hobart City Council

Support Hobart City Council to build the best Sandy Bay Walking and Cycling Project possible

Support Hobart City Council to build the best Sandy Bay Walking and Cycling Project possible

1. Provide evidence to the public of detailed design drawing and relevant documentation at a 'shovel ready stage of Stage 1 of the Sandy Bay Rd Walking and Cycling Project in line with the concept taken to community consultation, as per the Council resolution on the 16th April 2012.

2. Withdraw the Sandy Bay Walking and Cycling Project- Amended Design Proposal untill it meets basic requirements for public scutiny and includes adequate references to previous community consultation and consultants reports as well as citing evidence to support new claims made.

3. This section of the petition asking for an apology from the General Manager and officers responsible for the amended plan has been deleted at his request due to the nature of what it implied and the responsibility for decisions resting with the Alderman involved.

3. Include Bike Rider representation on the Sandy Bay Cycleway Community Reference Group from Bicycle Tasmania.

4. Commence planning, consultation and preparing appropriate documentation for individual sections one by one instead of the suggested, one size fit all approach.

5. Provide appropriate levels of separation between motor vehicles and bike riders in further detailed designs as per the original concept and ahere to AusRoads Guidelines for Bicycle Facilities.

Why is this important?

There is a plan to make bike riding along Sandy Bay Road an experience so enjoyable and safe that any family could ride along it without hesitation, any elderly couple could, any student could, you and I could. It would be the nicest part of the ride to work, the best part of riding to Nutgrove Beach on the weekend and a highlight for any visitor to Hobart.

Unfortunately Hobart City Council is poised to sabotage four years of preparation and consultation into a project that was going to ensure that walking and cycling become a popular form of transport and recreation along Sandy Bay Road in the future.

All public information relating to the project can be found in detail on Hobart City Councils website:

As a regular rider and driver of Sandy Bay road over a number of years I am extremely disappointed that a project that was going to deliver great outcomes for the Hobart community is being manipulated into one that maintains the status quo of a car dominated road with no facilities to make cycling attractive to people of all ages, not just the brave and fearless.

At a recent Special Infrastructure Services Committee meeting on Monday the 27th August an altered proposal for the Sandy Bay Walking and Cycleway Project was foisted upon unsuspecting Alderman and given in principle approval. They were led to believe that the amended proposal was an acceptable compromise. It is not! The significantly changed design proposal , not only ignored the overall findings of the three year consultation process, but fails to follow current best practice Australian and international design standards to provide equitable amenity and safety for motorists, pedestrians and bike riders.

The agenda for the special infrastructure services meeting can be found here at the following link:

The amended design proposal is an unprofessional, biased and rushed attempt at providing justification for retaining car parking at to over provide for the minority of respondents who opposed the project. The proposal report contains numerous claims that have no supporting evidence and is a slap in the face to the people who made an effort to contribute to the original consultation process.

These developments provide a disturbing view into what, up until now, has been a democratic process, and highlight the susceptibility of council officers and alderman to be easily influenced in acting against the recommendations of a comprehensive consultation process and the best interests of the city due to petty personal opinions or relationships.

Please refer to the open letter at the following link for more detailed information:

How it will be delivered

The petition will be emailed and posted to Hobart City Council in the coming month

Reasons for signing

  • Hobart's cycle way infrastructure when compared to other Australian cities is very poor. This project will go a long way to improving this situation and will encourage riders to ride in a safe bike friendly environment.