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Support Freedom of Choice at the End of Life

Support Freedom of Choice at the End of Life

As a Doctor currently under police investigation for murder after helping a dying patient who suffered severe breathlessness from end stage lung disease, I ask for your support in the campaign to reduce end of life suffering and to protect doctors who do so.

The outdated criminal code (est 1913) requires urgent reform in relation to end of life matters.
It does not differentiate between compassionate end of life medical care and wilful murder.

A Freedom of Choice at the End of Life Bill will be introduced into Western Australian parliament. This Bill will allow a competent adult with a terminal condition to request help to die quickly rather than slowly should their suffering remain unbearable despite optimal palliative care. There will be strict safeguards in place to ensure this law will apply only for those it is intended.
Similar Bills are planned in Victoria and NSW.

Despite overwhelming public support (over 70%), politicians in Australia have rejected 52 assisted dying Bills. Politicians have been swayed by their own personal religious beliefs or by fear created by a vocal minority through misinformation. Politicians have not listened to the public and prefer to sweep the problem under the carpet as too difficult. Ignoring a problem will not make it go away.

Why is this important?

Too many of us will have to face a slow agonising dying process, where symptoms remain poorly controlled despite all efforts by the health care team.

Currently any request by the dying to be assisted to die quickly is rejected. Why? Because the law forbids it. Why? Because the law was designed in 1913 and was not intended for the end of life situation.

This needs to be changed!

A well considered Bill with safeguards, with input from experts and interest groups is achievable, without being too restrictive to be discriminatory and burdensome for the suffering and dying.
The experience in Oregon over the past 20 years is proof of this.
As an enlightened society we cannot continue to allow needless suffering of our fellow man.

How it will be delivered

We will use this petition and campaign as support for the cause. Politicians need to know they are our representatives and have to date, ignored this fact.
This petition will run till the bill is debated in WA parliament .
It will then be presented to politicians to indicate active public support.
This is why we need as many signatures as possible.

Reasons for signing

  • It is a human right to be allowed personal choice at the end of life, including the choice to die quickly and peacefully, with assistance if necessary, rather than slowly. This should be enacted with good laws (with safeguards). It must be a choice, without coercion by others or to others. Doctors too need protection if and where they choose to be involved with voluntary assisted dying.
  • I believe in death with DIGNITY
  • I am now the same age my father was (56) when he was forced to refuse food and water for days in an attempt to hasten his own death due to aggressive brain cancer. I would not like anyone to have to share that fate!


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