To: Minister for Immigration and Border Protection

Support Danish as an Australian community

Support Danish as an Australian community

Ministerial intervention in case of Danish Khatta who was born and lived in Australia since his birth. But had a unfortunate accident at the age of 5 with severe brain injuries in November 2013. He is recovering and going to the school in Australia. But now he faces being removed from Australia on medical grounds. Please help and support him to live with his parents in Australia.

Why is this important?

Danish Khatta was born and lived in Australia with his parents since his birth on 27 April 2009. He never lived any where without his parents. He lived in Australian community all his life and going to school. He is well mixed up in Australian community. He can not live without his parents and siblings.

Reasons for signing

  • Coz i want Danish to live in Australia
  • if one is born in Australia, is he/she not an Australian???
  • This child IS an Australian. He was born here. The tribunal got this horribly wrong.


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