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To: The Hon Duncan Gay MLC NSW Minister for Roads and Ports, the Hon Gladys Berejiklian MP NSW Minister for Transport, the Hon Jillian Skinner MP NSW Minister for Health, Sydney and NSW Regional Mayors

Sunday Streets in Sydney

Sunday Streets in Sydney

Dear Ministers and Mayors,

Sunday Streets is a fun and healthy event that opens up a city's largest public space - its streets - for people to reconnect with each other and their local environment: to play, walk, chat, cycle and to share in other recreational, arts and cultural activities. (Remember playing cricket in the street?...) It is enjoyed by all regardless of age, ability or recreational activity.

Sunday Streets provides an economic benefit to local businesses as it brings thousands of people out exploring a city's main streets and the many diverse communities they connect.

Let's celebrate our streets! Please promote and support Sunday Streets initiatives in Leichhardt, and throughout Sydney.

Why is this important?

Sunday Streets calls for main streets to be opened up for the community on Sundays, by taking cars off those streets for the day. Streets can then be used for walking, bicycling, dancing, playing, or holding street stalls, festivals or workshops. It brings significant economic benefits to local businesses on high streets as thousands of people come out to explore them.

The health benefits of Ciclovia are enormous. Research published in the Journal of Urban Health found a cost benefit ratio of $2.32 in health benefits from San Francisco's Sunday Streets.

Local businesses take to the streets by claiming the footpath in front of them. There's live music, arts and culture, and other recreational activities - such as climbing walls, dance, yoga and aerobics classes - staged at various parts of the route. Everyone is able to participate and get some exercise.

The original Sunday Streets, called Ciclovia, was developed in Bogota, Colombia in the 1970s and there are now over 100 cities around the world that hold Ciclovia regularly including New York City, Chicago, Berlin, San Francisco, Jakarta, Vancouver and even car clogged Los Angeles. In Bogota it spans 120 kilometres and is held every Sunday and public holiday, while in other cities the route is typically up to 15 kilometres long and held a few times a year. The bigger the better!

Check out a video of Sunday Streets in San Francisco:

This petition was developed with Go! Alliance, Bike Leichhardt and BIKESydney.

Further information:

Sunday Streets in NSW is endorsed by Go! Alliance, BIKESydney, Bike Leichhardt, Cycle Sydney, Ecotransit Sydney, Bicycle NSW, Aboutlife Natural Marketplace, the Balmain/Rozelle Chamber of Commerce, The Global Map of Musicians, the Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils, Cheeky Transport, La Latina Sydney, the Sydney Latin American Film Festival, the Alternative Media Group of Australia, the Pyrmont Ultimo Chamber of Commerce, Jamie Parker MP, Alex Greenwich MP, Bike-it, Bicycle Garden, the North Sydney Chamber of Commerce, the Organic Food Markets, Bike Gal, Bike North, Universal Favourite, Dr Mehreen Faruqi MLC, Leichhardt Council, the City of Sydney, the Three Yogis, the Community Acupuncture Collective, Clean Energy Sydney, Walks N Wags, Padfoot Whiskers & Wings Pet Photography, Clovelly Road Better Block, Woollahra Council, Randwick Council, Bike Marrickville, Newtown Precinct Business Association, The Pedestrian Council of Australia (in principle), Marrickville Council, Teamor Cafe, the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority and the Yoga to Go Studio.

How it will be delivered

This petition will be sent to the Ministers and Mayors in both electronic and hard copy form.

Reasons for signing

  • New York, San Fran, Sydney. You know it makes sense.
  • Love the idea and it works very well in many cities, so why not Sydney?
  • Just bought a bike for the commute to work - "Bike Power"


2013-11-14 12:16:49 +1100

Great news! City of Sydney Councillor, Irene Doutney, has placed a notice of motion on the agenda of next Monday’s council meeting calling for an investigation into a City run Sunday Streets program.

How fun would it be to open up a few kilometres of City’s streets on a Sunday to pedestrians, bicycles, yoga and dance classes, and street performances!

All the best,

Daniel, Lauren, David, Leah, Bob and Ana
For Sunday Streets in Sydney

ps. Alex Greenwich MP and Dr Mehreen Faruqi MLC have taken our campaign to the NSW Parliament. Alex raised Sunday Streets with the Minister for Roads and Minister for Transport. See here

Mehreen gave a great speech in the Upper House on the many benefits of Sunday Streets

2013-07-12 17:12:53 +1000

500 signatures reached

2013-06-20 22:50:03 +1000

Dear Friends,

Thanks for supporting Sunday Streets!

Just a quick update on our campaign. We have produced an Advocacy Action Plan, SBS World News has covered the campaign, the Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC) has endorsed it and is investigating its implementation across inner Sydney, including a pilot project covering Leichhardt and Marrickville Councils to be held in July 2014!
The members for Balmain and Sydney have also endorsed the event and placed Sunday Streets on the agenda of state parliament.

Please continue to spread the word by sharing the petition with your friends, family and colleagues and by liking the facebook page

All the best,

Daniel Kogoy for Sunday Streets