Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • Tugun Community Against GCCC Draft City Plan Increased Development Heights Proposed for Tugun Area
    CAMPAIGN UPDATE: “Due to overwhelming community concern" the proposed 2015 City Plan planning heights of 24mtrs (8 storey height equivalent) for the Tugun Village Centre have been reverted back to the current 2003 planning scheme building heights of 2 and 3 storeys. Council also resolved to undertake a character study of the Tugun Village area to assist in defining local characteristics and amenity. This study will be used to inform decisions regarding preservation of the character of the Tugun Village and to guide future planning decisions. The research phase of the Character study began in early April. Thank you for your support in this community action! Its success reflects our community’s passion for Tugun and our desire to preserve its character and pursue quality planning and development outcomes for our suburb.
    589 Signatures
    Created by Tugun Progress Acssociation (TPA)
  • Stop 'hosing away' the homeless!
    Channel 9 Perth News: "People power has forced the removal of a controversial sprinkler system, which was being used to deter homeless people sleeping in the city. Thousands signed a petition to have the sprinkler taken down, saying it was a cruel, short-sighted solution to homelessness." You can watch this news clip here:
    16,700 Signatures
    Created by Jarrod McKenna Picture
  • Dollarmites Don't Want Their Money Spent On Destroying The Great Barrier Reef
    We won! CommBank cut all ties with Adani and won't have anything more to do with destroying the Reef!
    10,145 Signatures
    Created by Naomi Lieblich
  • Morwell residents deserve an inquiry into the long-term health impact of the Hazelwood Mine fire
    That's a win! Nearly 25,000 people signed Tracie's CommunityRun petition calling on Victoria's Chief Health Officer to announce a long-term health study for Morwell residents. On 27 April, a 10 year health study was announced.
    25,196 Signatures
    Created by Tracie Lund
  • Stop profiteering from coronavirus
    Federal government and eBay have taken actions to stop profiteering.
    22 Signatures
    Created by Peter Feldman Picture
  • The RFS need support, it’s time to call in the army.
    The army have been instated and are assisting the fires.
    41 Signatures
    Created by Ceara Metlikovec
  • Shut It Down: Anglesea Power Station
    UPDATE: Alcoa Australia has announced the closure of the Anglesea coal mine and power station effective from 31 August, 2015!
    8,163 Signatures
    Created by Surf Coast Air Action
  • 2,220 Signatures
    Created by Andrew Carter
  • Don't Deport Ali Choudhry
    The ABC has reported that the Department of Immigration have confirmed Ali's bridging visa. With a bridging visa, Ali and Matt can stay together while they wait for the Migration Review Tribunal to hear Ali's case. We put the weight of 140,000 signatures on the Immigration Minister, by publicly delivering the petition to his office and swamping him with tweets, emails and loads of media stories. That pressure forced the Department to do what they had failed to for months: confirm a bridging visa for Ali allowing him to remain in Australia.
    143,655 Signatures
    Created by Paul Toner Picture
  • 97,272 Signatures
    Created by Rebecca Hubbard