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To: The State and Federal Ministers for Health, Science, Information Technology

Stop5G and beyond

Put the introduction of 5G on hold as the adverse health effect are independently investigated by a panel including scientists, doctors, IT experts. People are happy enough with the internet speeds of 4G. They don't need anything faster that has built-in militarisation and long term sterilisation of the earth's population. However, if most consumers become exposed to IT speeds that are 30 times faster, they will become instantly addicted.

Why is this important?

The detrimental effects of 4G are already established science. Many people already protect themselves, their homes, schools and hospitals from the effects of 4G by using electronic scramblers as well as tektites.5G will exacerbate those negative effects exponentially. Some countries have already banned it.


Reasons for signing

  • Whenever something new arrives that is way different from what we've previously experienced we really need to know if it is safe. This can help us find out
  • wired = faster, safer and more secure
  • Its a truth, even if the general public do not realise it


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