To: State Education Minister

Stop Wrecking TAFE!

Stop Wrecking TAFE!

Dear Minister,
The communities of NSW value their TAFE colleges as part of the fabric of their communities as well as critical in the education and training of our citizens. We ask you to stop the privatisation of TAFE and to reverse the damage of your poorly developed 'Smart and Skilled' policy. TAFE must remain affordable and provide the courses people need for their future careers.

Why is this important?

The creation of a training market in NSW and a general decrease in government support for vocational education has resulted in a significant cut to TAFE funding. As a consequence fees have been greatly increased, courses cut and less opportunities provided for some of the most disdvantaged to gain needed skills. The Smart and Skilled policy will only help in transferring taxpayer dollars to the private colleges and leave NSW without a strong public TAFE system.

Reasons for signing

  • TAFE must remain affordable!
  • TAFE is too iimportant for the training of future workers who will contribute to Society's welfare. How can we prepare for career changes that are predicted whilst ruining TAFE? Universities do not suit all people or situations.
  • TAFE delivers quality education that is recognised world wide.


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