To: The prime minister

stop whaling around the world

stop whaling around the world

Dear prime minister,
please raise awareness to other people around the world, to stop whaling, as there are still 3 countries still whaling. We have to stop Whaling everywhere, and even though Australia doesn’t kill whales anymore, there are a few more countries still doing it. Whales are a massive part of our lives, we need to save these animals because they are an amazing part of wildlife. If we keep whaling, in 2022 we will have no whales for the future people, so we need to stop whaling. Whales are also a big part of the aboriginal culture in 1980 most of the whales in Australia where hunted over 30,000 whales have been killed and we don’t want them to keep going. Whales are a really big part of our world, and there are lots of different reasons why we should save whales, but my main issue about whaling, is the fact that the next generation wont be able to see and hear these amazing creatures, they wont even be able to know about whales! Whales should go on for years and years, for other people to enjoy. Just like every other animal, the whales deserve to live just like us.
This is an International issue, as everywhere around the world are still killing whales!
kind regards
Kamden and Leno
Manly west primary school.

Why is this important?

This is important because, imagine if we didnt have whales in the future, imagine what it would be like without whales, these beautiful creatures are just like us, if we deserve to live, so can they.This is important because Whales are very important to us. Imagine a world without Whales! Whaling is cruel, the demand for whale meat is falling and we can’t be certain that whale populations can survive all the hunting as well as the other threats they face without hunting!
But, despite bans on commercial whaling and the trade in whale products, Japan, Norway and Iceland still kill 2000 whales between them each year and also continue trade in whale products – it has to STOP.


Reasons for signing

  • Please sign, so many animals have one extinct because of humans and so many more animals are endangered all because of humans. Are we going to add whales to the list???
  • This is a barbaric and primitive act that within this day and age is not necessary. If we continue killing animals at such a mass we really won't have much of a planet left to live on.
  • beacause i hate whaling and its mean


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