To: S.Korean Embassy of Australia.113 Empire Circuit 2600 Yarralumla Canberra Australia

Stop the torture and consumption of dogs in S.Korea.

Stop the torture and consumption of dogs in S.Korea.

Dear Ambassador of the Republic of Korea Cho Tae-yong.
The People of the Australia are calling out to S.Korea to Ban and Prosecute citizens that torture and collect dogs and cats from neighbouring countries and within S.Korea.
It is with Human dignity that we take care of all our Animals and the public are outraged at the pain and suffering that are inflicted by the people of S.Korea to these Animals. It is by LAW that no torture is to be inflicted on Living Animals. The people of the world are asking for you to place a ban on this Horrific trade. Thank you.

Why is this important?

We are asking the Embassy of S.Korea to place a total ban and prosecute those involved in the trade of Dogs and cats for meat Consumption on the basis that these animals are placed through great suffering and torture. These animals are trapped and transported in tiny wire cages in the hot sweltering sun with no food or water for days trashing the jungle as it is illegal for this trade to happen!. The dogs are squashed in together and die from suffocation and disease. The ones that live are beaten to a pulp as the culture in S.Korea believe that this is medicinal and has a better quality to the meat.The dogs are then cooked while some are still alive leaving them with a face of torture and Extream pain. We will not accept this as is not the act of a kind human being. It begins with educating the public and the people who believe in this torture. Stand Up for Justice.

How it will be delivered

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Reasons for signing

  • dogs are mans best friends and they shouldnt be hurt. its horrible what they do and it needs to be stopped!