To: Federal Government

Keep Australia in Australian Hands! Stop selling Australian farming land to overseas interests

Keep Australia in Australian Hands! Stop selling Australian farming land to overseas interests

Dear Minister,

Please stop allowing the sale of prime agricultural land to overseas governments and businesses. We want Australian land in the hands of Australia!

We do not want to risk losing Agricultural land to overseas investors. We do not want to risk the long term implications of our food being in hands on non-Australian interests with the risk of higher food prices and less jobs for Australian families. Not to mention the broader political risks of our prime land being owned and operated by overseas companies and Governments.


The People of Australia

Why is this important?

Australia risks losing control of its wealth-creating agricultural assets. The Federal Government is not paying sufficient attention to the issue of global food security, Austrlian agricultural jobs and the rising cost of living. Instead they are craving an instant hit of tax rather than securing the future assets for our children.

Kidman and Co, Australia's biggest private landholding, which includes the world's largest cattle station, is up for sale, including eleven cattle stations covering more than 100,000 square kilometres of Australian land, including all stock and equipment. And the Federal Government is allowing sale to overseas interests!

"Australia has more foreign investment land than any other nation. In fact, in the last three years the foreign investment of 50 per cent foreign-owned or greater has gone up by around 25 per cent. For anything with partial foreign investment it's gone up by 11 per cent. So we've had an exponential growth in foreign ownership in our agricultural assets in Australia." Barnaby Joyce, Nationals MP, Minister for Agriculture, Nov 2015

Recent sales of prime cattle and farming land is driving up the cost of milk and meat for Australian families. "THERE are fears the price of dairy products and baby formula are set to soar after Treasurer Scott Morrison rubber-stamped the sale of the nation’s biggest dairy farm to Chinese business interests. Mr Morrison yesterday ruled the $280 million acquisition of Tasmania’s 17,800ha Van Diemen’s Land Company by Chinese billionaire Lu Xianfeng’s Moon Lake Investments could go ahead after consulting the Foreign Investment Review Board." Daily Telegraph 24/02/16

Reasons for signing

  • please as a imigrant i came and Australia is our treasure we dont need deal with overseas buyers of our land here as we can get our Aussie farmers here to support why sale Australia is big and smart enough and why share this for sake of money better help farmers and create jobs for our people then go and give land for sake of money Stop this we love Australia all who live here and we should stop sales of this
  • even being an immigrant I am worried about the future of Australia, wonder what the by born OZs are doing!
  • the government politics only want money for them selfs so they can retire. if they wanted they could of had us make so much money of this rich farmland and not have our land sold for a bit of money now


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