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To: University of Queensland, Queensland Government

Stop the promotion of a new export market -- Australian dingoes for Asian diners.

This campaign has ended.

From Aug. 30-Sept 1, the University of Queensland will host the "Ten Decades On...Conservation Through Sustainable Use of Wildlife Conference". The principal sponsors of the conference are the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia and the Queensland Government.

One presentation is entitled "Creating dingo meat products for South East Asia -- potential market opportunities and cultural dilemmas".

Please sign our petition to express your objection to the University of Queensland hosting a conference of this kind; to the Queensland Government for sponsoring it, and to demand that the 'dingo meat market' conference session be cancelled.

Why is this important?

Most Australians find the eating of canines to be disgusting, and indeed the eating of dogs is not legal in Australia. A growing body of research shows that the dingo is crucial to ecosystem health and that our continued removal of this apex predator from the environment has contributed to serious environmental damage.

Any proposal to kill and market native dingoes to SE Asia for commercial gain is one a vast majority of Australians would find repugnant.

Australians believe that our wildlife should be protected as our natural heritage; that wildlife has an intrinsic value. This fundamental value is under attack by those who seek to harvest wildlife for profit. These interests seek to overthrow established conservation philosophies with a distorted perspective based on commercialised 'sustainable' wildlife harvesting industries. From this perspective, the right of wildlife to exist is reduced to its potential to produce a commercial profit, and the profiteers are promoted as 'conservationists'.

It is disturbing that a major public institution, the University of Queensland, is now involved in promoting commercial harvesting of native wildlife.

Reasons for signing

  • This is barbaric.
  • Im signing and hoping that we can end this barbaric and unhuman act once and for all.
  • To stop cruelty against animals


2017-12-23 08:13:05 +1100

The petition was successful in having the notion of dingoes as a food export removed from the conference. Thank you to all who participated.

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5,000 signatures reached

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