To: Blue Mountains City Council

Stop the private long day care development in Blackheath

This campaign has ended.

Stop the private long day care development in Blackheath

Dear General Manager,
Please reject the development application (X/766/2015) to build a private long day care childcare facility on the bowling green of the old Blackheath Bowling Club site at 16-24 Prince George Street.

Why is this important?

Our local community does not need this development.
Our area is already well serviced by other local, not-for-profit community-based preschool and long day care services.
For-profit childcare facilities put profits before children, operating on the lowest costs, least qualified and lowest amount of staff they can get away with. We don't believe the care and education of our children should be privatised for profit.
The bowling green site is currently zoned recreation, located next to Blackheath Oval, gym, basketball and tennis courts. It was up until recently, used by the Blue Mountains Croquet Club. The site should remain as a recreational facility as intended by the zoning.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver signatures via email. But will consider staging a press conference and delivering signatures in person.

Reasons for signing

  • Too many recreation and public spaces are given over to private interests for short term gain. Does the community need it or want it? No is the answer so council, do what the residents want for a change, they are who you are supposed to be representing.
  • This area was designated Sport and Recreation for the community not for a private developer
  • The area needs to remain recreational, the town does not need another privatised childcare centre.


2015-09-20 10:43:07 +1000

A recent article in the Blue Mountains Gazette in support of our campaign:

2015-09-08 13:21:10 +1000

If this proposed development proceeds, then based on the data from the needs assessment prepared for the Greenwood long daycare centre in Katoomba (see link below), SUPPLY of long daycare places will increase by 34.4%, yet DEMAND would only increase by 2.4%.

This would see the forecast occupancy rate DROP from 82.8% to 63.1%.

This would then change the status of the upper mountains catchment area for long daycare to an OVERSUPPLIED market.

In an oversupplied market, existing local services and staff would inevitably be CUT.

2015-09-07 11:40:18 +1000

A needs assessment prepared for the developer of the 120-place, Greenwood long daycare centre in Katoomba, found that after the centre opened, DEMAND for long daycare placed in the upper mountains would be MET.

The report estimated that after the Greenwood centre opens, there would be an estimated average occupancy rate of 82.8% across the catchment area of this centre, which includes Blackheath.

An occupancy rate of 82.8% is classified as a "Balanced Market", which is defined as: "where current levels of supply are MEETING current estimated levels of demand." See:

The Katoomba Greenwood centre is due to open in 2015.

So on the best available evidence, there is no case, based on demand, for a further 84 places in a long daycare facility at Blackheath.

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100 signatures reached

2015-09-04 17:18:51 +1000

Some people have enquired about how this development application may affect the Blackheath Gym and the climbing gym. We have been advised that both of these facilities are not under threat from this development.

The actual development site is the top bowling green, which is the northern of the two greens, immediately behind the tennis clubhouse.

Full details of the DA can be viewed at:

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50 signatures reached

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