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To: Daniel Andrews - Premier of Victoria

Stop the Port of Melbourne Privatisation

Reconsider the privatisation of the Port of Melbourne, and borrow the money for infrastructure instead. This will retain the Port of Melbourne in public hands, and cost Victorians less in the long run.

After all, the government can borrow money at a lower rate than private enterprise can, and we won't have to pay exorbitant fees to lawyers, bankers and brokers from the proceeds. . and of course, with private owners, we'll be paying off their more expensive debt, plus their profits forever

Has anyone in government actually worked out how much profit has been made by the private owners of the airport, electricity, gas and water infrastructure since they were privatised? And how big a government loan those profits would have paid off ?

Why is this important?

Privatisation is legalised robbery of all of us. Stop it now, and retain Victoria's infrastucture in Victoria for Victorians, with ALL fees and charges retained by Victorians

Governments at all levels need to reconsider, in the cold light of experience, the cost to citizenry of issues surrounding the ownership of Businesses of State Utility and Revenue-Generating consequence.

In years past, our Parliaments and Councils-- our political proxies charged with the management and direction of businesses owned by all citizens constituting that State (whether it be the Australian Commonwealth; a State; a Territory, or even a Local-Government) were allowed to become progressively lax in such matters as the oversight of the Authorities, Boards, Commissions and other sub-bodies of Government charged with the day-to-day management of what should have been forged into highly profitable monopolies or near-monopolies, owned and operated for Profit by Governments with the revenues flowing from this used to ensure and increase the wealth of the owner-State, and it's capacity to fulfil the functions that were properly expected of it by all it's citizens --either directly; or functioning as necessary infrastructure for the facilitation of all businesses that would avail themselves of it or indirectly benefit.

Selling-off Infrastructure & other assets acquired with Public Money, thereby diverting the stream of all direct and indirect profit from businesses of Public Utility Scale into private --and often non-citizen- hands has been an Abrogation of the Responsibilities of Officers of State which has gone for too long, too little remarked. It is time
(1) To call a halt to the selling-off of Public Utilitarian Assets, &
(2) That Officers of Government and Government Employees responsible for the handling of Public Moneys are called back to their duty to Profitably Manage Government-Owned Utility/Infrastructure Businesses, and not in future throw-up their hands in the face of instances of Graft, Closed-Shop MIlitancy, and other forms of quasi-criminal Extortion and diversion of Citizen Owned Profits, on pain of being (if elected) ejected from Parliament on Citizen-Petition for incompetence; or Fired from the Public Service --with pro-rata Loss of Accumulated Benefits as assessed on legally-defined degrees of incompetence applying to each individual by panels of persons of good repute and relevant (say, business) experience, chaired by a Judge.

After the Indi electoral initiative at the last Federal election, Politicians and those most closely associating with them should be looking nervously over their shoulders.

How it will be delivered

Email signatures, stage a press conference, call talk-back radio, write to MPs

Reasons for signing

  • Fed up with assets being sold off for short term financial reward. This will cripple the ability of governments to make decisions and run the country. We are going to be run by corporations.
  • Because Victoria's infrastucture should belong to those who reside here
  • I signed because I also am upset about the selling off of Australian Assets. Selling off the assets is setting up our economy to fail in the future and leave our children a bankrupt state. We only need to look at other parts of the world where the state assets have been sold off and the diabolical those states are in now


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