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To: Nunnery Backpacker Hostel owners and management

Rethink the Nunnery Backpacker Development to avoid impacting Fitzroy's heritage and liveability

The developers have not proceeded with their planning permit application.

Rethink the Nunnery Backpacker Development to avoid impacting Fitzroy's heritage and liveability

To the owners and management of the Nunnery Backpacker Hostel,

I respectfully request that you reconsider your development proposal to ensure it does not demolish heritage buildings or negatively impact Fitzroy's liveability.

Why is this important?

The owners of the Nunnery Backpacker Hostel opposite the Carlton Gardens on Nicholson Street in Fitzroy have applied to Yarra City Council for a planning permit to demolish residential heritage buildings for a 350 bed, 5 storey hostel.

A commercial development of this scale in a World Heritage Environs Area could impact Fitzroy's heritage and liveability, and would not be allowed under the new Neighbourhood Residential Zone proposed for the area by Yarra City Council.

The Nunnery Backpacker attempted to get a third extension of time from Yarra City Council on 5 February - Yarra City Council refused any further extensions of time, and the Nunnery Development now has until 20 February to finalise their planning permit application for consideration by Council. If they fail to meet this date their application will lapse.

Please take this opportunity to ask the owners and management of the Nunnery Backpacker Hostel to revise their development plans to ensure Fitzroy's heritage and liveability is protected.

How it will be delivered

A link to the petition was provided to Nunnery Development on 6 February 2015 to make clear the level of community objection.

Details of the petition were also sent to the Hon Richard Wynne, Victoria's new Minister for Planning, and the Mayor of Yarra City Council.

The petition will be formally presented to owners and managers of the Nunnery Development on a future date.

Reasons for signing

  • if you continue to demolish your own heritage what foot prints are you going to leave behind for your future generations?
  • This is a beautiful old building you are thinking of demolishing. A smaller development -at a set back whilst maintaining the original facade - would respect Fitzroy's heritage and liveability and be far more appropriate.
  • So many heritage buildings have been destroyed in Melbourne. Development needs to respect the cultural values and liveability of suburbs such as Fitzroy and Brunswick. We need to value and enhance, not ruin and destroy.


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