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To: Sunshine Coast Regional Council

Stop the massive intrusive school camp development on Booloumba Creek Rd

Stop the massive intrusive school camp development on Booloumba Creek Rd

Reject the material change of use and development application (MCU15/0250) for the 'outdoor education' center proposed for Booloumba Creek Rd.

Why is this important?

A development application has been submitted to the Sunshine Coast Regional Council seeking to build a massive and intrusive school camp complex in the quiet heart of the beautiful Mary Valley in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.
The school camp complex to be built on Booloumba Creek Rd will house over 200 students and teachers and generate significant levels of intrusive noise which will dominate the area day and night, ruining resident’s quality of life and devastating property values. The presence of a dozen massive white geodesic domes for accommodation and an enormous white pavilion will permanently ruin the visual and rural qualities of the area and detract from the experience of visitors to the beautifully scenic area as well as being a permanent eyesore for residents.
The venue will also be available to hire out on weekends and school holidays to all manner of groups meaning there will be no respite from the noise and disruption for neighbors and residents. Further, Booloumba Creek Rd is a narrow winding rural road that in several places is only one vehicle wide. The addition of coaches full of students and other heavy vehicles servicing the complex will add significantly to the risks faced by local residents and visitors to the area.
This massive and intrusive school camp will completely dominate the entire area, permanently destroy the rural ambiance, wreck people's quality of life and has the potential to damage the fragile ecosystem of Booloumba Creek itself.
Please help us to stop this development before yet another quiet corner of the world succumbs to development and exploitation.


2016-02-20 22:56:14 +1100

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