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Stop the Kidman Pastoral falling into foreign hands

Stop the Kidman Pastoral falling into foreign hands

The Foreign Review Boards needs to look at a large part of our good agricultural land which is being bought up by foreign countries. This should not be allowed. It should be left in Australian hands or given back to Indigenous people

Why is this important?

Foreign countries are buying up our good agricultural land. The Kidman land is 2.5% of our good agricultural land, twice the size of Belgium. When in foreign hands, the grain and food from this land will flow straight into another country and taxes will not be paid. It will make any laws about land management that our government passes very hard to enforce.

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Reasons for signing

  • For 4 decades I have been concerned re Foreign ownership within Aust, especially Tas. Lease by all means but not sell. This land is part of our heritage.
  • Thought the governments were wanting to fix the deficit!
  • We need to have enough pride in our country to keep it in our own hands .


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