To: Hon. Katherine King MP & Senator Richard Di Natale

Stop the Health Insurance Amendment (Safety Net) Bill 2015

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Stop the Health Insurance Amendment (Safety Net) Bill 2015

Dear Hon. Katherine King and Richard Di Natale

We are writing in concern about the proposed Health Insurance Amendment (Safety Net) Bill 2015 that will have the following impacts on your family, friends and the wider Australia community.

Proposed future increases in costs would make IVF impossible for the significant number of us who suffer from medical or social infertility, which is not a choice. Cuts to the Medicare Safety Net will mean you are at risk of paying several thousand dollars more to have fertility treatment. Out of pocket costs will increase by 40-50% from January 2016.

We had to undergo IVF for our child and many of our friends also needed IVF and assisted reproductive technologies (ART). Those who need medical help to have a family have no control over this condition. One child in every classroom has been born through safe and high quality treatment using IVF and related technologies.

We will also risk in Australia higher multiple births as people decide to take riskier procedures by increasing the number of embryos implanted due to the unaffordable costs of subsequent IVF treatments. We also risk Australians going to other countries to receive treatment that is affordable but without the medical security and safety of the Australian health system and that may put their lives in danger.

We beg you to not pass the proposed Health Insurance Amendment (Safety Net) Bill 2015.

Why is this important?

Please help! Proposed changes to the Medicare Safety Net for IVF will raise costs to about $10,000-15,000 a treatment. For most of us, that's an impossible sum. We wouldn't have our Mischa today and I know many of you out there have friends as well who now have beautiful families through IVF help. Please sign this petition and click on links and spend a few minutes to register your thoughts by NOVEMBER 30th, 2015:


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