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To: Australian Federal Government

Stop the 'Fractional Banking System'

Stop the 'Fractional Banking System'

Dear Prime Minister,

Would you stop borrowing 'Fiat' currency from the international 'Banksters' and bring back a Gold and Silver backed currency, and start creating currency as a Australian 'Public' debt rather than an international 'Private' debt from the International Monetary Fund. This scam has gone on too long and has stolen the wealth from the Australian people. I am sure you know this and need to start representing the Australian people instead of international corporations. Government after Government has been doing this since the 1930's and has slowly but surely sold out the Australian people of their industries and their sovereignty.

The 'Australian Sovereignty Party' have a link to an IMF (International Monetary Fund) document called "the Chicago Plan' and this document states how a Country should be creating its own money and the benefits there of. This is the product of research done in a Chicago university. The Isle of Guernsey has been doing this for donkeys years, the people are very prosperous and the Government has hardly any debt, and also Taxation is very low. This idea is based on 'Classic Economics' and is the way a sovereign nation should run its finances. The international bankers re-wrote economics and installed their 'Keynesian' economics which is an international scam designed to steal the wealth from all sovereign nations. When all money is created out of debt and gold backing of currency has been removed this means there is perpetual debt, meaning that the debt can never be paid off because you have to go into more debt to try and pay off the current debt. As I have said before this is a huge international scam and some one needs to stand up to them and reclaim Australia for Australians. Iceland has done this after the 2008 global financial crisis. The Prime Minister of Iceland had the gumption to stand up for his people by bailing out the citizens, jailing the fraudulent bankers,and even though they didn't go as far as creating their own money, they made a step in the right direction by letting the old banks go bust.

You are in the position of power to reclaim our wealth and prosperity but so far you have proved you are another globalist 'Stooge'. Remember you will be held accountable for your actions if not in this life you surely will be in the next.

Thank you

Why is this important?

This is the most important campaign for all Australians to get behind so we can reclaim our childrens future, because at the moment the future looks very bleak indeed. With our farmers being expected to compete with inferior cheap imports from nations with little or no health regulations. Our farms and realestate are being bought from over seas raising the prices out of reach of most first home buyers, and the farm land will never be owned by Australians again. I could have agreed with leasing farm land to overseas interests but allowing the foreign ownership is just plain treason.
Our manufacturing is being systematically dismantled and our jobs sold off overseas to slave labour while we are being told that we are over paid. And yet the cost of living, taxation, rates and insurances keep rising. The Government by allowing our manufacturing to be sold off overseas to slave labour thus must agree with the notion of using slave labour to increase profits. The working class is being stripped of its wealth and earning power. The politicians are out of touch with the needs of ordinary Australians, this is either pure neglect or done by design.

We are fed propaganda about non-issues and shown how we can feed our families on just '$10.00' a day and how to budget more efficiently, when in reality most mid to low income earners can hardly make ends meet, live from pay check to pay check and basically have no savings or the ability to invest. It is time for the real truth of our fraudulent system to be revealed, people to be educated and band together for lasting prosperous change. Money should be created as a public debt reflecting our resourses and peoples capabilities. The government creates this on our behalf only when they need infrastructure built and spends it into the economy using private companies to do the work. As I stated above the Isle of Guernsey does this and they found that inflation dropped to zero (only increasing with population growth), GDP increased by 10% each year and the government was able to reduce taxation substantially. This would result in more prosperity for all.

For more information visit the 'Australian Sovereignty Party's' web site. Also check out (videos 'The Hidden Secrets of Money' by Mike Maloney)
youtube 'Senator Ron Paul'
youtube 'Strawman' for further information on the judicial system.

How it will be delivered

Send the petition and signatures to the Prime Minister. Either by email or in person or staging a press conference. I haven't decided which method would be the most effective.

Reasons for signing

  • If it works for Guernsey, it's worth considering. I believe in world trade but also national self-sufficiency.
  • government for people, not for bankers
  • Im in total agreement, for this to be achieved we need to get rid of the Reserve Bank of Australia which is a Centrak Bank and Independant from the Government.


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